Monthly Rentals by Owner: Clear Visibility Pack!

A convenient option for property owners, managers, vacation guests, and tenants, monthly rentals offer flexibility in property use and in rental agreements. These types of agreements appeal to everyone, creating a win-win situation where owners and managers can have rental calendars filled as much as they need and guests and tenants get outstanding properties without having to commit long term.

Fill It When You Need It

Monthly renters are a breath of fresh air, but property owners and managers who have short-term rentals, or properties they usually rent out long term, often overlook these types of renters. Guests and tenants who are willing to rent month-to-month can offer revenue during low-rent and low-occupancy periods that you may not otherwise be able to fill, especially if you have a finicky market property like a beachfront rental. Beachfront properties are slammed during the summer, but once kids go back to school, these types of homes and condos are hit-and-miss, and they may only be rented on the weekends if at all.

For seasonal properties and specialty properties, it makes sense to consider the long-term monthly renter. Market to these folks and you may just end up with more revenue for the entirety of a year than if you kept catering to short-term renters. For property owners and managers who want to rent their homes, apartments, condos, and estates on a month-to-month basis, offers visibility to a stream of leads who also desire minimal commitment but might be willing to rent a bit longer if the property is right. Listings on target niche renters who prefer a property without many strings attached, and these millions of potential renters have specific needs and they’re often willing to pay a premium to have them met. is part of the Clearle network of niche rental websites that includes and, so you can opt-in during set-up to make your property visible on these specialized markets as well.

Attract Vacationers

Retirees taking long vacations, younger renters who want to stay for a while in area but not grow roots, and mobile business people who can work from anywhere are looking for your month-to-month rental.

Lease to In-Betweeners

Military personnel stationed for long periods of time often prefer private rentals to military housing. Corporate relocations sometimes necessitate month-to-month rentals, as houses back home don’t sell right away or employees wish to test a housing market. Be on, where these niche renters are looking for desperately needed short-term housing, and fill your rentals fast.

Easy Administration

Should you need to make changes to your listing, it’s simple to do from a centralized hub that allows you to alter availability, pricing, or other information to populate immediately on and across all niche sites opted into in the Clearle network.